Hello, my name is Ran Ding, you can call me Ran or Vivian. This is my space for words, works and living moments.

I am a person who is into almost everything. I love singing, acapella especially; I love watching movies, Harry Potter series is my all-time favorite; I love painting pictures for my family and friends, even they usually cost huge amount of time; I love travelling, and I would always record my adventurous life so that one day when I get older, these replays will remind me of how wonderful my life has been; I love cooking desserts for my family, but it usually ends up with everybody liking them except me; I love dogs, even though I never truly own one because my parents already spent too much effort taking care of me. So, my goal is to buy a property and live with my German Shepherd one day.

So, this is a short intro about me,

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A brief intro of me